While some students are out on the town during their time off from school, others of us are being confined to our houses by our parents, who are thrilled with the idea of “social distancing.” To beat the boredom, here are the top 10 shows you should watch.

I Am Not Okay With This: This Netflix show follows a teenager whose problems with school, her family and her sexuality get a lot more complicated when she discovers that she has superpowers. There are seven episodes that are about 20 minutes long, so it doesn’t take a very long to get through. It’s oddly relatable, funny and a perfect thing to keep your attention on just for a couple hours.

Love Is Blind: “Love Is Blind” is a “Bachelor”-esque show that follows a bunch of single people trying to find their match without seeing their face. It’s better than “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette” because it has the contestants form an emotional connection, rather than one based off of just physical attraction. This show has 11 hour(ish) long episodes that feed you the right amount of drama that you are missing by not being at school.

The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez: This true crime docuseries shows the public trials of the guardians and social workers in the brutal murder of 8-year-old Gabriel Fernandez. It is the right amount of uncomfortable and interesting that keeps you wanting to watch more. It is a limited series with no annoying cliffhanger at the end, so it is the perfect thing to binge watch during the time off.

Queer Eye: What are you doing with your life if you haven’t watched “Queer Eye” yet? The Netflix show follows the Fab Five as they make over people’s lives in as many ways as you can imagine. There are a bunch of different seasons and a lot of people with lovable personalities. “Queer Eye” is the perfect show to prevent boredom and motivate you to keep your life together during the time off.

American Horror Story: Who doesn’t love horror movies? “American Horror Story” is like a big horror movie wrapped into each season. It’s not for people that get scared or grossed out easily, but the interesting storyline and good balance of scary and tame make it a perfect match for people that can handle a little gore. The episodes are long and there are a lot of them, making it the ideal show to watch during the time off.

Breaking Bad: “Breaking Bad” follows a chemistry teacher that is diagnosed with terminal cancer, and is making meth to try and earn as much money for his family as possible. This show is not a good fit for the light of heart, but for those who enjoy dark, suspenseful series, this is a perfect show for you. “Breaking Bad” constantly keeps you on the edge of your seat, and is a great way to combat your coronavirus fueled boredom.

Sugar Rush: Baking shows are quite possibly the best thing to watch during a break from school. “Sugar Rush” keeps you interested and entertained with its bright colors and fun competitions. It is easy to binge and makes you want to bake, which could give your eyes a break from staring at a screen watching Netflix all day long.

Sherlock: “Sherlock” follows the well known Sherlock Holmes characters through a series of mysteries and other stories. It isn’t anything original, or groundbreaking, but it is interesting enough to keep you occupied for four seasons worth of TV during the time off.

Nailed It: “Nailed It” is just like every other baking show, but instead of professional bakers competing, all of the contestants are average people with zero skill. It is hilarious and incredibly entertaining to watch, and is one of the best things to watch to fend off boredom during these next few weeks.

Next in Fashion: “Next in Fashion” is a competition series where designers from all over come together to create creative looks and become a bigger name in the fashion world. Competition shows are arguably the most entertaining things to watch ever, so they are especially perfect for filling the time during these next few weeks of social distancing.

By: Emily Chambliss, Feature Writer

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