Henderson County Public Schools (HCPS) is implementing a new two-point entry system doorway at the front of the school. Construction was originally supposed to take place Feb. 23 and 24, but was postponed. It is now expected to be constructed in mid-March.

“The same company is installing safety measures in other schools too,” Assistant Principal and Athletic Director Jeff Smith said. “Before they start on that wall, they have to have the second door that goes into the office completed first. Once that’s ready to go, then they can start the other wall. Currently, the company that’s in charge of that is doing some insulation for schools in the other county. It’s just a matter of when they get to us.”

The school’s goal for the future is to have one main entrance to prevent anyone from walking into the school freely through the various entries.

“Eventually, we’ll close in the cafeteria entrance areas and we’ll get some sort of addition or wall of some kind to keep people from walking from the parking lot into the cafeteria as well as other points,” Smith said. “Basically what we’re going to be working on is enclosing the whole campus so (students and teachers) won’t necessarily have to go outside. You may still go outside a little bit, but you basically won’t be able to access any of our buildings without going through the main entrance. And that’s the point of the two-point system.”

By: Kera Putnam, Feature Writer

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