On Wednesday, Nov. 7, the annual blood drive took place all day in the old gym of West Henderson High School.

Snacks, such as biscuits and bananas, were available before and after donating, and were handed out by health science students. After making sure they were properly fed, donors had to complete a physical to ensure that they were able to donate. Then, it was time to have the nurses take their blood. Afterward, the donors were given another snack before being sent back to class.

“We usually have very good turnouts in the high schools,” Valerie, a recruiter, said. “The thing with the high schools is that you’re our future. If we don’t get young adults used to donating while they’re in school, in the future, a lot of people won’t donate. The older generation that donates right now is retiring and getting on medications that keep them from being able to donate. So high school blood drives are a really important way to ensure that we will still have donors in the years to come.”

Senior Misty Jones, a regular donor, feels that donating blood is an important civic duty.

“You never know who you might be saving,” Jones said. “It could be a kid or an older person. Depending on how much blood you give, you could save up to three or six people.”

By: Sarah Monoson, Feature Writer

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