It’s the time of year when holiday decorations are coming down, social media users are posting recaps of their year, “New year, new me” posts are running rampant, and detox teas are spamming feeds on every platform.

Many people set resolutions during this time. They usually set goals at the beginning of the year in hopes to improve, or reinvent themselves in different aspects. Although some “promises” are not followed through, many focus on a trait of themself and work to improve.

Sophomore Helene Johnston said she incorporated some health goals into her resolutions, but also strayed from the norm and set a goal that she has always wanted to accomplish.

“My New Year’s resolution is to drink more water, and my New Year’s goal is to go to a music festival,” Johnston said. “I get a lot of headaches, so I thought drinking more water would help my headaches, and maybe clear up my skin. I have always wanted to go to a concert or a festival.”

Freshman Tayler Lyles said she chose to take a different route for her New Year’s resolutions.

“My New Year’s resolutions are to read and study more for school,” Lyles said. “It’s the middle of the year, so I set these goals to keep me on track. I need to spend less time lying around and spend more time going through my notes, and making sure I have everything done and in order.”

Though some people say resolutions are a waste of time, freshman Lauren Young supports them.

“Setting New Year’s resolutions in a good way to improve different aspects of myself in the coming year,” Young said. “I can’t do everything today, but I can take a small step.”

Science teacher Tiffany Owens said she has found strategies to help her follow through with her resolutions.

“I think many people don’t follow through with their resolutions because they get caught up in the hype and don’t truly invest themselves in their resolutions and don’t set themselves up for success,” Owens said. “I have to thoroughly understand and analyze something if I want to be successful, so I do that before starting any resolutions; I know that if I don’t have enough information then I will get frustrated and quit. I also make sure I have an accountability partner who will hold me to my resolutions.”

According to Owens, the new year holds many new opportunities for new beginnings and opportunities.

“New Year’s is my absolute favorite holiday,” Owens said. “It holds the promise for new beginnings and, for me, is a mental clean slate. In my mind, the coming year can hold a multitude of new adventures and it is exciting to think about what opportunities it will bring.”

By: Amanda Jane Whiting, Staff Writer

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