With the holiday season approaching quickly and new films as well as classics taking over TV and streaming networks, a recent addition to Netflix has been all the buzz. “The Princess Switch,” starring Vanessa Hudgens, tells the story of a duchess and baker from Chicago switching places one week before Christmas. The two look exactly the same, which enables them to make the switch. The reason for the switch? The duchess wants to experience life as a commoner to be able to relate to her future subjects. However, in the short time the women are switched, they each fall madly in love with one another’s beau.

Review: This movie is the perfect flick to help get in the spirit of the holiday season. The storyline reminds me very much of The Parent Trap, but the twist of royalty and the acting of Hudgens makes the film engaging. It’s a little cheesy and cliche at times, but the connection that is portrayed between love interests in the movie is also very convincing and pulls you into the story. I, as well as many other viewers, noted small differences in the body doubles for Vanessa Hudgens.

Rate: 3.5/5

By: Kinsley Morgan, A&E Editor

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