The end of summer 2018 has been a big time for new releases on Netflix. With yet another romantic comedy in “Sierra Burgess is a Loser,” the September 7th release was well awaited.

The movie, based on the play “Cyrano de Bergerac,” is the story of a high school outcast, Sierra Burgess. Although Sierra isn’t what most would call “pretty” by those at her school, she doesn’t let the shallow definition get to her.

After being tormented by it-girl Veronica, a case of mistaken identity sparks an unexpected romance. When the star quarterback for the rival school’s football team, Jamey, approaches Veronica, she decides to play a trick on not only Jamey, but Sierra.

When Sierra gets a message from Jamey, she is confused, but keeps messaging him as another girl. The two begin to fall for each other, yet the truth is untold.

In a deal made with Veronica, Sierra creates a plan to win over her crush without revealing her true self.

When the truth comes out, Jamey is angry, hurt, and wants to be left alone. After a while, he realizes that it was Veronica’s heart he fell for. This movie is a true love story that breaks the standards of typical beauty and high school relationships.


Review: 4/5

I really like the concept of the story as a whole. The movie opens with Sierra establishing herself as a strong character that really drew me in. The story is very relatable to any high schooler showing the struggles of image and relationships. The only thing I would change about this movie is that I would love to see a little more detail into the relationship of Sierra and Jamey.

By: Kinsley Morgan, A&E Editor

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