We all know and love the popular chain pizza restaurants like Papa John’s, Pizza Hut and Dominos. They are convenient and relatively cheap. What we may not think to do is explore the variety of pizzas offered by small local businesses being teenagers, we love pizza, but  we can’t spend too much money on it. Our staff went on a mission to try and support four local pizza places in the area to see which one has the best pizza. To be fair, we ordered a 12-inch cheese pizza for takeout from each place. We went to Two Guy’s Pizza and Ribs, Acropolis  Pizza, Blue Ridge Pizza Company and Uncle Scott’s Pizza.

Two Guys Pizza and Ribs

Five Stars

Two Guys Pizza and Ribs, located 121 West Barnwell Street in Hendersonville, was formerly  located on Sixth Avenue. The service from Two Guy’s was excellent and the pizza was ready promptly. I called in to order from the journalism room, and by the time I got to Two Guys the pizza was ready to go. Several members of our staff had some of the pizza and it was liked unanimously. The crust was very thick and there was a good amount of cheese. The total was $12.02 with tax. The pizza place itself had a lot of character with lots of decorations and quotes posted on the walls. They also had current music playing at a decent volume. All in all, the ambiance added a lot to the experience of the restaurant. Two Guys is a good choice for anyone in Hendersonville who wants to sit down and have a meal or take a pizza to go.

Acropolis Pizza Arden

Four Stars

Acropolis Pizza at 140 Airport Road in Arden not only serves pizza, but also soups, salads, pasta, sandwiches and even gelato. When I arrived I was a couple of minutes early, but my pizza was ready. The place itself had a friendly atmosphere and felt like home.The total for the pizza was $13.66, making it the most expensive of the four pizzas. The cheese was thick and the staff enjoyed it. Acropolis would be a good option in the Fletcher or Arden area, regardless of whether you stay to eat or get takeout. If you’re looking to sit down and eat a pizza with some friends this would be a great choice.

Uncle Scott’s Pizza Fletcher

Two Stars

Uncle Scott’s Pizza at 145 Hoopers Creek Road in Fletcher, is located inside a gas station along with an ice cream shop. It was the staff’s least favorite out of the four pizza places. It was the second cheapest out of the four at $9.60. The pizza had an unusual smell to it and was rather stiff. The pizza was waiting for me when I arrived. Uncle Scott’s also sells salads, pasta, subs, wraps and various sides. This would be a good option for an inexpensive, to-go pizza in the Fletcher area.

Blue Ridge Pizza Company

Four Stars
Blue Ridge Pizza Company in Etowah at 6336 Brevard Road had a very friendly and welcoming staff and the pizza was ready on time. The pizza was $9.34, making it the cheapest of the the four places. The pizza had a decent amount of sauce, which can be a  good thing or a bad thing, depending on personal prefference. Blue Ridge also serves delicious sandwiches, pasta and salad. They have a large and varied kids menu, making it a great place for a family meal. This would be a good option to have a nice sit down meal or take a pizza to go if you are in Etowah. This would be a good place to go for a sit down meal with a group of people with different tastes.

The Last Bite….

Overall, Two Guys Pizza and Ribs was voted the best out of all four pizza places because it was a quality pizza. The restaurant offered a variety of foods, the staff was friendly, and the food was reasonably priced. However, none of the pizzas were awful tasting or horribly expensive. Our staff enjoyed different aspects of all four pizza places and would recommend all four restaurants.

By Emily Turpin



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