Due to inclement weather, school ran on a two-hour delay schedule on Wednesday, Feb. 20, when juniors were supposed to take the ACT. The ACT is unable to be administered after 9 a.m., so it was rescheduled for Tuesday, March 12.

Assistant Principal Joni Allison had to get new materials and send back the booklets for the new test date, which she said impacted preparation for the administration, teachers and students.

“We have some junior teachers from all of the core subject areas brainstorming some ways we can re-energize and review some of those test taking tips,” Allison said.

Teachers Martin and Donna Talbert had an ACT Test Prep Boot Camp on Saturday, Feb. 9 before the test to prepare students.

“They learn tips, strategies, and techniques on all five sections of the ACT starting with English, math, reading, science, and then writing,” Martin Talbert said.

Junior Claire Stansberry went to the Talberts’ boot camp, and said she felt more prepared for the test after the preparation she was given.

“The boot camp over the weekend for the ACT definitely helped just with the basics and learning it and going over it,” Stansberry said. “I feel like I was not fully prepared and I did not study as hard as I should have for the ACT, so I’m happy that it got changed because that gave me a lot more time to study and feel fully prepared to take the ACT and get a good score.”

By: Nicholas Boyer, Feature Writer

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