From Tuesday, Nov. 28 to Friday, Dec. 7, construction crews will be working to patch the roof of West Henderson High School as a result of continual leaking in numerous areas of the school and deterioration of existing insulation.

Many rooms throughout the school have been affected by the leaks, including the old gym, which suffered water damage two years ago.

“Our roof is continually leaking all the time. This has really affected every area of the school that doesn’t have decent insulation,” administrative assistant Kelly Littauer said. “It actually ended up ruining the old gym floor about two years ago. The bump on that floor and the buckling of the gym ceiling are both from leaking, as well.”

Beginning with the roof over the office and continuing until next Friday, Dec. 7, the workers will be moving across the school with intentions to fix each of the designated problem regions.

“They will be working in every area that doesn’t have decent insulation,” Littauer said. “But, spread over the next ten days, it won’t just be over my head the whole time.”

Caution tape is blocking off areas of the courtyard in order to prevent students from entering potentially dangerous areas. This tape was positioned to prevent possible debris from falling onto passing students.

“The caution tape is only in place because when the construction workers chisel something, it can go off the sides,” Littauer said, “They have been gathering up a lot of stuff, as well. Yesterday, they were out here picking up little pieces of asphalt or shingle type objects.”

Additionally, the rooftop construction has created loud noises that can be heard throughout the school. As a result of this commotion, some students have voiced their complaints about the apparent disruptions.

“It’s more difficult to concentrate with all the loud banging and such,” senior Austin Laughter said. “It also takes more time (to get to class), and there’s a better chance of being late.”

“Some kids are very easily distracted. It doesn’t take much. Other kids, although I am not sure why, have fear issues with knowing they [the construction workers] are up there,” Littauer said. “And of course, sometimes it’s just loud. But, with any of these instances, if you know that the workers are there, then there are coping strategies.”

According to Littauer, the insulation is also being installed for the purpose of keeping the school warmer. The additional layers will trap the heat in the building and aid in keeping students warm during the winter months.

By: Marissa Detwiler and Amanda Jane Whiting, Staff Writers

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