Cheers and yells from the packed student section echoed through the gym on Tuesday, Nov. 20 at the basketball game against Madison. The ‘team behind the team’ was decked out in yellow to honor former senior Lexie Moffitt.

The yellow-out was planned by student government, and announced on Sunday, Nov. 18.

“It had been such a hard week for everyone here at West; we knew that,” senior Kaitlyn Collins said. “We wanted to get things going for basketball, but it was harder than normal.”

The first game of the season is usually known as an exciting one with high attendance. Collins said she kept that in mind when planning for the student section.

“Last Tuesday (Nov. 13),  some of Lexie’s friends and I were talking about ways we could honor Lexie throughout the year and years to come,” Collins said. “We came up with the idea to do a yellow-out in her honor, so we suggested it to student government and they loved the idea.”

The buzz and energy of the student section was high and the students said they loved that they were honoring Moffitt in such a special way.

“Lexie was a cheerleader and was always at basketball games,” sophomore Bailey Lance said. “It was so amazing to see all the players and students come together for her because she was always such a big part of this time.”

The players honored their fellow classmate as well as the student section, and said it made an impact on them as well. They beat Madison 76-40.

“I wanted it to be a big game for Lexie,” junior Ben Bryson said. “I know she had a lot of pride for our school and last night when everyone wore yellow for her, I had to make sure she was proud of the turnout and make it a game.”

By: Kinsley Morgan, A&E Editor

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