Class registration for the 2016-2017 school year will be held March 7 to March 24 in the computer labs for all freshmen, sophomores, and juniors.
Students will be required to sign up for four core classes according to their grade level which include math, English, science and history. They will also be required to sign up for four electives of their choice.

“There are a lot of very popular classes. It just depends what students want to pursue,” Anne Hafer, senior counselor, said. “The computer classes are very useful for anybody, regardless what kind of career they’re going into.”

Students will receive their schedules at the end of July. Although there has to be a legitimate reason, if a student wants a schedule change then they should come into the office and fill out a schedule change request form. The first ones to submit a schedule change request form will receive the first schedule changes.

“We made the schedule based on student requests for classes, so just changing schedules for no reason makes it really hard,” Lea Putnam, junior counselor, said.

If any juniors are interested in signing up for an internship, an application will be made available. There will also be a guest speaker who comes to West to tell students about the benefits of an internship.

Online classes are also available for students through N.C. Virtual Public School. Students have to have a 3.0 grade point average or higher in order to qualify for online classes.

“Students can’t take a course that we offer here through that program,” Putnam said. “And there is a cost to the county so that’s why it has to be something we don’t offer.”

For more information about online classes go to

Pre-registration assemblies will be Feb. 23, rising seniors; Feb. 25, rising juniors, and March 3, rising sophomores.

New students wanting to register should come into the school sometime after August to get paperwork filled out and see their grade level guidance counselor.

By Aurora Sandoval

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