Top 10 ways to beat break boredom

Countless hours of my time off from school seems to end up going to mindless Netflix, YouTube or Tik Tok. Although these can be fun ways to spend time, I want to make my “social distancing” time different and productive. Here are my top 10 recommendations for things to do that are a little more exciting.

Read a book: This may seem boring, but it will feel better on your eyes than watching screens all day. If reading sounds terrible to you, you could always opt for a book written for younger audiences, such as “Harry Potter,” because they don’t require a ton of brainpower. You could also read a book that a movie you like was based on because you already know you like the story.

Walk or bike around the neighborhood: The weather is pretty nice these days, you’ll get exercise, and you get to smell the fresh air. Win-win-win.

Break out the Wii (or any old gaming console): Remember the good ol’ days when you could come home from school and play Mario Kart or Wii Sports? It’s time the oldies got a resurrection. I would recommend making it a competition if you have siblings to really make it a good time.

Make niche PowerPoints: Pick a really specific subject and present it to your friends and/or family. For example, “Top 10 Skinniest Legends,” with Raini Rodriguez coming in at number 1, of course. The possibilities are endless.

FaceTime your friends: Everyone is lonely, so why be lonely alone? Be lonely with friends! This is a great opportunity to present your niche PowerPoints or have deep, life-altering conversations. Whatever floats your boat.

Do an exercise livestream: So many people in the fitness industry have content on YouTube where you can follow along. You can’t use the excuse that you don’t have time anymore. Get active! You will feel so productive.

Make aesthetic food: We all see those videos on social media where people take a lot of time and make food that is so aesthetically pleasing, and then we say to ourselves, “I’d do that if I had time.” Well, you have time now. Try it out and post about it on all your platforms to flex on your friends.

Clean out your closet: Yes, another boring-ish one. This has potential, though. You can sell your unwanted clothes and get money to online shop with or to save for college! This is another one of those things that people generally procrastinate on because they “don’t have time,” but you can now!

Play board games: Get competitive with your family and/or friends. Some games are really overlooked these days because everyone is always on their phones.

Make Tik Toks: Ok, so this one is on your phone. Most people scroll endlessly on the app, but making videos is pretty fun in my experience. You can make dances, document your schoolwork progress or really anything you want to share. I would recommend making them as a joke because they are really fun and funny to share.

By: Elise Trexler, Editor-in-Chief

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