Summer activities in Hendersonville

By Quincy, Railey, Sadie

Need something to do this summer? You can plan your perfect day trip to places around Hendersonville now. Hendersonville has so much to offer, fun places to visit, local stores to look through, and many beautiful mountains and rivers to explore. If you are looking for some historical places, go visit Carl Sandburg’s Home. Carl Sandburg’s home is a Flat Rock National Historic site, located at 81 Carl Sandburg Land near Hendersonville. Carl Sandburg is known as a poet, biographer, journalist, and editor. Visit his house to know more about him and what he did as a person. Maybe you are looking for more natural sights; a visit to Chimney Rock in Lake Lure or Jump Off Rock in Laurel Park to see a beautiful sunset. Jump Off Rock is free to the public and has incredible views at sunset. Sliding Rock, which is $5 for a day pass, is also a fun day trip to play in the river and slide off a slippery rock. If you don’t like nature much, there are still a lot of fun activities to do. On Main Street, there are also a lot of fun places to visit such as crystal shops like Vessel on Main, which is full of sparkling gems, The Pisgah Mountain Gem Mine on Main, book stores, and lots of places to eat. There is also The Appalachian Pinball Museum on Main Street called Appalachian Pinball Museum. In the museum there are over 80 pinball machines to choose from. Don’t like playing pinball, go to the arcade in the museum to play other fun video games. As Well as pinball museums there is a gem museum right down the street. This museum is called the Mineral and Lapidary Museum, it has all sorts of gems and stones to look at and even buy. Hungry after all that fun? We also have some yummy places for you to eat. Pelicans is a delicious snowball place to get yummy snowballs. All of these summer activities will keep you busy. 

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