Students look back at their year through music

It’s now that time of the year, where almost everything is on sale, the air is cold and Spotify and Apple Music tells you what you’ve been listening to with Spotify Wrapped and Apple Music Replay. What artists you’ve listened to, your most frequently played songs, and even how much you’ve listened to your top artist are some of the things Spotify and Apple music tell you at the end of the year.

“I think it’s pretty cool, it’s kinda nice to see what your statistics were for the whole year.” junior Jackson Carrington said. 

Spotify and Apple Music take all the data they’ve compiled of your listening habits and use them in order to create personalized charts showing your favorite artists and songs. They do, however, have their differences. Spotify will tell how much you listen to your top artists compared to others as a percentile, while Apple Music will give you a personalized playlist of your most listened to songs that year. 

This year has forced many people to be stuck at home doing nothing, and listening to your favorite music happens to be one of the few things people can do when they’re stuck at home. Whether your entire taste in music has changed, or you’ve finally learned all the lyrics to every song from your favorite singer, most people have listened to a lot more music than before Corona.

Carrington’s toned down on music listening now that the country is opening back up, but his music taste has already been changed, giving him far more artists to listen to. Despite the changes, Carrington notes, Earl Sweatshirt was still his number one artist on spotify wrapped. 

“I definitely discovered a lot of new artists during quarantine.” Carrington said. 

“Just being locked up in the house there’s not much there to do except listening to music, it definitely increased my listening.” 

You can find your own Spotify Wrapped here and your Apple Music Replay here.

By: Kareem Al-Abed, Feature Writer

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