Player of the Week: Josh Nesbitt

The West Henderson wrestling team is off to a hot start with a dominating win against McDowell, 52-26. The team has no shortage of leadership and experience, with seniors Dillon Higgins, Cody Shamburger, Jeremiah Musser, Jarod Santiago and Josh Nesbitt heading it up this year. Juniors Cole Braswell, Dillon Blackwell, Auden Brennan and Alec Baynard are also leading as upperclassmen.

Josh Nesbitt stood out from the rest on Tuesday, Nov. 27. Nesbitt won his match, and said he felt it was largely due to preparation.

“Before the match, I was focusing on getting my head right and trying to figure out what I was going to do and what moves I was going to hit,” Nesbitt said.

Nesbitt said his experience has helped him learn his strengths, and what moves he finds the most effective.

“I was planning on doing a double leg, and doing my favorite top move, which is a double chicken wing,” Nesbitt said. “It’s one of the most painful moves out there.”

Matches are usually unpredictable, and from the beginning, his opponent took a hard shot. Nesbitt was able to sprawl and get around to get his two.

“I controlled him on bottom for the first period, and was able to keep him down and get a couple of back points,” Nesbitt said.

In the second period, Nesbitt continued to dominate the top, controlling his opponent for the entire second period. With Nesbitt’s points piling up, the third period started. His opponent chose down, and he was quickly able to pin him with 45 seconds left.

“It looked like a close match from what I was seeing. It was back and forth,” Nesbitt said. “Once we got to 106, everything went well. We were getting six points, and that six points really helps the team go a long way.”

Nesbitt wrestled in the 138 weight class, and their next meet is today, Dec. 30, where they will host their annual Falcon Frenzy.

By: Wyatt Hughes, Sports Editor

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