Player of the week: Cesar Aguilar

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Senior Cesar Aguilar has had an excellent season so far for the West Henderson soccer team. Taking on the goalie position, he has proved he earned his position. With 113 saves on the season and a 7.1 save-to-goal ratio, his teammates say they know they can trust him as the last line of defense.

Aguilar has embraced the difficult role of being a leader this season, and Coach Brian Brewer has taken notice.

“He’s an exceptional leader… it’s almost like a calming effect for us out there. Our players are pretty relaxed because they know he’s got them,” Brewer said.

According to Brewer, Aguilar’s leadership has been significantly helpful in building up the team and their morale.

“He’s not just a leader to underclassmen but to seniors as well. He shows up every day to work and does exactly what he’s asked to do. And he does it without question,” Brewer said. “Leading by example is a major part of any leadership role.”

Aguilar has been working hard to improve every year, and has been playing soccer outside of school.

“I started training at HFC a few years ago, and they’ve really helped me be a better player,” Aguilar said. “We’ve been training three days a week.”

Aguilar says that the team chemistry has been good this year because the players encourage one another frequently.

“I’m always talking to my teammates and motivating them, and they also motivate me,” Aguilar said. “Even when I mess up, they encourage me. There’s very little negativity. They’re always encouraging. We have the potential to be a good team.”

The team’s next game is Oct. 3. They’re 5-9-3 overall, and are 2-7 in the conference. There are seven games left in the season. Asheville is currently in front, at 10-0 in the conference.

By: Wyatt Hughes, Sports Editor

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