Pebble’s Playlist: Post-Prom Party Edition

Travis Scott- Sicko Mode (Featuring Drake)

Arguably the best rap song of 2018, Travis Scott surprised us all with this banger. This song comes from Travis Scott’s third studio album: “Astroworld.” It spent 34 weeks in Billboard’s top 10 out of 100 rap songs. With two beat switches within the song and a feature from Drake, “Sicko Mode” just brings endless amount of energy. This song could not fail to get people up and dancing.


Sheck Wes- Mo Bamba

This is probably the best hype song of 2018. Ever since “Mo Bamba” dropped, it has only gotten more and more popular. The meaning of the lyrics and the actual rapping in this song are not good at all, however I honestly don’t care. This song just automatically puts you in a pumped up mood.


YG- BIG BANK (Featuring 2 Chainz, Big Sean, and Nicki Minaj)

A cast like this has to make an absolute jam no matter what, and that’s exactly what they do on this occasion. Every verse on the track shines. Combine that with great production and you have a recipe for a hit right there. Although YG’s album that followed “BIG BANK,” “Stay Dangerous,” was a disappointment, the song hasn’t lost its touch.


Tyga- Taste (Featuring Offset)

I can’t lie; this song is honestly perfect. The beat is phenomenal, and Tyga’s flow fits perfectly with it. His transition from his verses to chorus and vice versa are so smooth. The verses and chorus from Tyga all fit perfectly with the vibe of the song. When Offset comes in he keep the flow rolling as well with his verse arguably being better than both of Tyga’s. I highly recommend “Taste” for any occasion.


Lil Baby and Gunna- Drip Too Hard

Lil Baby and Gunna fit perfectly together like peanut butter and chocolate. The guitar in the beat is one of the best parts of “Drip Too Hard.” Both of their unique voices fit strongly over the beat and they both offer a flow in their verses to go along with the song, but the chorus outshines both verses with its catchiness.

By: Stone Hogan, Feature Writer

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