On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

By: Perci Moore

This October, West Henderson student government planned a pop-culture centered tribute for women who suffer from or have suffered from breast cancer. “On Wednesdays we Wear Pink” is a reference to the 2004 Comedy, Mean Girls, in which popular character, Regina George forces all of her friends to wear pink every Wednesday. Additionally, pink is the representative color for breast cancer. This is thanks to activist, Charlotte Haley, who sent out pink ribbons attached to cards, as a way to raise awareness of lack of federal funding for breast cancer research. In an attempt to spread awareness, the West Henderson population is wearing pink every Wednesday in October. In conjunction with student government, FCCLA, (Family Career, and Community Leaders of America), is selling pink Pura Vida bracelets. All proceeds go to breast cancer research. If any students are interested, see an FCCLA member, or Ms. Willis in X-5. Bracelets are $8 each. 12.9% of women born in America today, will develop breast cancer at some point in their lives. That is a total of 4,250,550 women that will develop breast cancer in America alone. This number is almost unfathomable, and it is vital that we work to find a cure that will save millions of lives. Through wearing pink each Wednesday this month, and supporting foundations, such as FCCLA’s sale of bracelets, we can support these women that suffer from the illness. It is up to our generation to develop a cure for breast cancer.

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