New software ‘Jyrosolve’ used at West game

Dan Jystad is a Cornell University alum and University of Massachusetts Amherst grad who attended high school in Montana. Jystad is currently a math teacher and track coach at North Henderson High School. Jystad has travelled all across the country pursuing his two passions in life: math and sports. Now, in an effort to combine these passions, Jystad has created Jyrosolve, a useful and efficient tool for coaches and media to record real-time game statistics.

“The software was designed initially to give coaches a bigger time window” Jystad said. “It takes a lot of time for them to do this when it is repetitive and automated. So when the game is done, these parts are done and they move on to coaching the kids instead of trying to figure out how to deal with this data.”

Having created his first software program in 1996, along with being on his high school track and football teams, Jystad has had a lot of time and experience to perfect his current project. Another reason he was driven to create Jyrosolve began when he started coaching. He said he wanted more time to coach the players instead of dealing with statistics.

“What coaches would have to do after a game, they would have to take the film off of Hudl, go play by play and hand record each and everything that happens, then go back and do all the additions with the statistical categories. With my program, it’s done when the game is over,” Jystad said. “The software is designed for coaches and media so newspapers and radio get live game information so that they can have more information to do their job better.”

Jystad utilizes MaxPreps to run his program. All of the roster information and the season’s statistical information is pulled from MaxPreps, and then Jyrosolve updates the MaxPreps statistics automatically.

By: Rebecca Chamberlain, Feature Writer

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