Junior achieves 100 and counting

Alec Baynard, junior, beat his personal goal of 100 wrestling wins on Jan. 2 when he pinned his opponent in the gymnasium of North Henderson High School.

“After I got my 100th match, I came off the mat ecstatic. I enjoyed it for myself but also enjoyed it for my team because I know that they’re behind me all the way no matter what. Even if I wouldn’t have gotten it last night, they would have been right there behind me to pat on the back,” Baynard said. “I knew the work I put in during the offseason and out of school would eventually pay off and I’m glad it finally did.”

However, the edge of the school mats are not where Baynard’s domination ends. Baynard is involved in offseason wrestling year-round and has been on the national team which takes him to matches all across the country and into other countries to wrestle.

Baynard’s goals have not maxed out at 100. His next goal is to place in state finals later this year. Baynard also is coming up fast on the school career record of 169 wins, which head wrestling coach Mike Connelly said he has a shot of breaking this season.

“He’s a hard worker, he pushes himself, he’s set high goals for himself and he wants to achieve those goals and I think those are attainable,” Connelly said.

By: Bartel Van Oostendorp, Print Editor-in-Chief

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