iOS 14 introduces new features

On Sept. 16 Apple released the new iOS 14 software update for iPhone users. This software update includes features such as redesigned widgets, changes to FaceTime and phone call display, options to customize your home screen and home screen categorization, which sorts apps into categories like social, productivity and entertainment.

“This is definitely the best update,” sophomore Mason Ray said. “It introduces the most features and allows you to multitask better on your phone. Phone calls don’t take up the whole screen anymore and you can still see people on FaceTime even if you are doing something else on your phone.”

Because of the new home screen updates in iOS 14, features usually found in separate apps or settings, like weather and activity, can be made into widgets on your home screen. If you have other Apple devices, you can also create a widget to keep track of the battery life on those devices. With this update, Apple also categorizes your apps and puts them into folders for you.

“I now just use the folders they made for me,” Ray said. “I added a weather widget to my home screen so I can see what temperature it is.”

iOS 14 also includes updates to calls and FaceTime. The Picture in Picture feature allows you to call, FaceTime, or watch YouTube while doing other things on your phone. When you exit the app or call you are in, your call or video is reduced to a small portion of your screen, allowing you to multitask.

“My absolute favorite thing has to be the Picture in Picture,” Ray said. “It makes things much more convenient, and now I can watch Netflix and do other things on my phone, and I can FaceTime and not have to actually stay full screen on the call to see people.”

Despite all of the new features included in iOS 14, others have found the update to be just average.

“I waited about a week before I got it after it came out because I heard it was glitchy,” sophomore Lilli Fuentes said. “Honestly, there was just a lot happening all at once. I feel like they could have done a little less.”

However, the new widget and home screen customization features seem to be popular among many people. Whether their first impression of the update was good or not.

“My favorite things are probably the new widgets and being able to customize your home screen,” Fuentes said.

With the many new features this update contains, it may be overwhelming for some. It may take some time to get used to. Despite having bad first thoughts about it, you might end up enjoying it once you figure it out.

“I do enjoy it, because I have the coolest home screen ever now,” Fuentes said.

By: Lauren Harron, Feature Writer

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