Get a Hole in One and Have Fun

By Taylor Cheek and Railey Luce

(Photo Credit: Billy Allen-Justice)

Want to have fun in the sun, well then come to Lakeview Putt and Play. They are located at 2245 Hendersonville Rd, Arden, NC 28704 and their phone number is 828-676-1746. Putt and Play have many fun options from putt-putt, to laser tag, and even VR. For the putt-putt, there are a total of 18 holes all of which have beautiful scenery located outside. At this course, it will take about 45 minutes to complete and is totally enjoyable. This course is also one of a kind and was planned out by Leslie the owner and founder of Lakeview putt-putt, the story behind this was incredible. She was getting tired of her job at a daycare and wanted to start her own business. She was thinking of making a putt-putt course because she loves to putt-putt and has been to many courses. Leslie wanted to make something that kids would love and so would their parents. Leslie worked hard with the builders to plan out this course and The Hop even let Leslie make a custom ice cream called ¨Hole In One.¨ Which includes Chocolate ice cream, marshmallows, and caramel. One of our favorite holes was #13, the scenery was beautiful. It was a long slope with a little garden filled with gnomes and mushrooms right beside the hole. As it led down to a nice shady area with a view of a pond. We asked one of the managers a few questions and here were his responses: When asked “How many people often come here” His response was “In the summer we get a lot of people and in the winter it’s almost dead, but in average I would say about 100 people a day in the summer it gets pretty busy.” Jacob even said, “Working here is fun, relaxing, chill, and the customers here are usually always happy. We don’t get many unhappy customers because people that come here are just looking to have a good time with their friends and family.” They have a couple of events throughout the year but the most popular one is the scarecrow contest that takes place around the holiday Halloween. You pick your favorite scarecrow and whoever wins gets a season pass to putt-putt for free. Anyone can enter the contest if you put your scarecrow in your favorite hole. Whoever gets the most votes is the one who ends up winning the season pass. The main reason this beautiful and fun place was created was for families to get together, create memories, and just have a good time. So go to Lakeview Putt and Play and have the best time with your friends and family.

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