By: Perci Moore

Last fall, West held the very first King’s Court in West Henderson history, with senior, Andrew Elkins, winning Homecoming King. This year, West continued the tradition, holding a King’s court of Senior guys, in addition to the courts of girls from all grade-levels. The freshmen and sophomores each had two representatives, with the Brylin Boyle and Sutton Hughes representing the freshman class, and Noelle Houlihan and Emery Sprouse representing the sophomore class. The junior class had four representatives, Rayna Vanness, Sofia Rodriguez-Fuentez, Josie Cox, and Jasmine Banks. The senior class had ten male representatives, and six female representatives. Representing the females for the senior class, were Jesse Jakubelski, Lauren Sochia, Kaitlyn Chandler, Kylee Haynes, Paisley Stepp, and Megan Broome. For the guys, Cooper Hughes, Edgar Molina-Payne, Adley Shelton, Garrett Poole, Nicolas Moore, Jesse Baldwin, Roman Burnetti, Danny Castro, and Mason Pittman represented the seniors. On Thursday afternoon at the pep rally, SGA announced the Homecoming King. The WHHS student body was delighted to find out that our 2022 Homecoming King was Jesse Baldwin. After the announcement, the gym was raucous, vigorously chanting Baldwin’s name. At the football game vs. Smokey Mountain our queen was announced to be Jesse Jakubelski, our student body president. The two Jesse’s were well deserving and proud to be our 2022 homecoming king and queen.

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