With the end of school right around the corner, Advanced Placement students and teachers are hustling to prepare for upcoming exams. AP testing this year will look different from years past, but students are continuing to work hard and study to ensure the best outcome for their finals. 

Due to the coronavirus, the college board has given students the option to take the exam in-person or remotely. Although, some courses do require the final to be taken in person, depending on the exam type. 

Testing dates have been divided into three phases; Administration 1, 2 and 3. Administration 1 is scheduled to take place on dates in early and mid May for traditional, paper-based, full length tests taken at school. Administration 2 is the testing times in late May for in school, paper-based, and at home online exams. Administration 3 will take place on days in early June for online exams with at home and in-person options. 

“I have two AP final exams this year. One for statistics and then one for research, which is actually just a paper,” senior Max Decker said. “I’m taking all of my exams in-person because I feel like I have an easier time staying focused at school. At home, I’m easily distracted and find other things to focus on.”

Teachers and students are both aware that when it comes to these final exams, practice makes perfect. Teachers are working to provide their students with all the materials they need to get plenty of practice. The college board also provides free resources on their website to help AP students across the world prepare for exams. Taking advantage of these resources, becoming familiar with the test format, and studying selectively are all important methods that students utilize when it comes to taking AP finals. 

“Mr. Parent has been giving us timed practice essays to make sure we are meeting the time goal for the test, which is pretty strict,” junior Alyssa Price said. “He’s also giving us practice questions for the reading section. Ms. Price is giving us DBQs that are helping to get us familiarized with what will be on the test.”

Despite the challenges of remote learning this school year, students are feeling sure of themselves and the material they have learned so far.

“I’m ready to just take my exams and move on,” Decker said. “I feel confident in my ability. I know what I can do.”

By: Kera Putnam, Feature Writer

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