This week at West is holiday spirit week. Students can dress up to show some spirit for the upcoming holiday season. The winter themes for each day are as follows: Monday and Tuesday are Tacky Winter Wear, Wednesday is Winter Formal and Thursday and Friday are Silent Night. 

While spirit week is a time to dress up and have fun, with exams coming up next week, it has been difficult for some to have time to plan themed outfits like they usually do.

“I do not plan on participating in Holiday Spirit Week as I have been too busy to plan anything,” sophomore Katelyn Barron said.

It may be distracting for some to participate with exams and the end of the first semester right around the corner.

“I think it is more of a distraction for me personally,” Barron said. “I would just rather focus on getting the job done and for some people it can get in the way of it.”

While Barron will not be participating in holiday spirit week herself, she has no problem with others getting involved, and enjoys seeing what other students come up with.

“My favorite thing about Holiday Spirit Week is seeing how others dressed up,” Barron said. “If others can do it and focus, I have no problem with it.”

Holiday spirit week can also serve as a way for students to destress and have fun before taking exams and ending the semester.

This week can also solidify the fact that the holiday break is coming up soon. It can help students get into the holiday spirit.

Since Barron isn’t participating in this particular spirit week and is focusing on exams instead, it hasn’t really helped her get into the holiday spirit. It has instead reminded her that holidays and Christmas break are coming up soon.

“For me, the Spirit Week hasn’t really been what has gotten me into the holiday spirit,” Barron said. “It has just solidified that it is now December and the semester is over.”

This week to show holiday spirit may be more significant to some than others due to the stress of exams, but either way, it can help to mark the end of the very first semester which has included hybrid learning. It can also signify the upcoming holiday season, and holiday break. 

By: Lauren Harron, Feature Writer

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