The West Henderson High school volleyball team beat Erwin by a score of 3-0 on Tuesday. This win follows the announcement that all athletes are required to wear a mask during the match and all athletic events are being streamed on the NFHS Network, rather than having live audiences. 

During a regular season, the volleyball team attracts an enormous crowd. The athletes had to adapt to the transition and play to their best ability. 

“I’m very excited we won but it’s weird to be in masks,” freshman Savannah Brown said. “Not having a crowd cheering you on and having to sit away from your team feels very weird.” 

The rules and regulations during practices and games are a significant change from “normal”, but the Lady Falcons will continue to persevere through this irregular season. 

“(The regulations) don’t make it less enjoyable, just different and weird. It feels off when it’s so quiet and you’re having to yell through masks.” Brown said. “I am very excited for this year despite the challenges. We have a very good team.” 

The next match is scheduled for Friday, November 20 at 6 p.m. at A.C. Reynolds High School. 

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