There is no doubt that 2020 has been an interesting year, and this year’s election is no exception. This year, many seniors attending West are eligible to vote. For these seniors, voting for the first time can be a good experience to see what the system looks like.

With the divide between political parties in the United States, this election is a significant one. It is important for these seniors to cast their vote so that voices of the new generation of voters can be heard. Senior Madison May felt the importance of this election as she was voting.

“I thought it was very interesting how the voting system works and was glad to be able to vote,” May said. “After everything that has happened in the past year this was a very significant election in my eyes.” 

Voting in this election is also a way for seniors to feel how they have a role in making a change in our country.

“It was the first time I have ever voted, so there were a bunch of different emotions, not only the stress of making sure I was registered, but how much of an impact my vote was going to have on people’s lives,” senior Raine Wongchong said. 

Taking part in voting for the first is a big deal for seniors. By voting, they’re voicing their decision, that could potentially make an impact on our nation.

“I felt so much bigger in such a small way, like even though I’m just one person my vote could be that one vote needed to turn the state,” Wongchong said.

A motivation for Wongchong to vote is being able to possibly make a change in the lives of herself and those close to her for the better. She is passionate in her decision and hopes to make positive changes in equal rights and opportunities for all.

“A big push to vote is that a lot of factors in my life and my loved ones’ lives will be affected by the turn out of this election,” Wongchong said. “I’m voting for human rights and for equal opportunities for everyone no matter their gender, race, sexuality, or religion.”

Voting for the first time can bring about lots of emotions, positive and negative, but it is an important thing to do in order to have a part in reforming the nation, and letting your voice be heard. As votes are currently being counted up, the impact of your vote can be seen while keeping up with polls and election results.

By: Lauren Harron, Feature Writer

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