The Addams Family has always been known for being a little weird. Now IHOP is bringing that weirdness to their menu. With a twist to the classic buttermilk pancakes, a spicy new omelette, hot chocolate and a milkshake, IHOP is ready for any family on a night out, even the Addams Family.

Gomez is an important part of the Addams Family, so naturally the Gomez Green Chili Omelette is an important part of the Addams Family menu. The omelette is one of the more interesting parts of the menu because it has a spicy twist to it. The omelette seemed like it was more like a burrito but it oddly worked. It tasted very mellow and relaxed, perfect for the morning. It was the thing I was most worried about eating but it ended up being the best part for me. It was filled with marinated pulled pork, fire-roasted red and green peppers and onions and green chile verde sauce topped with sour cream. I would definitely recommend it to my friends.

Along with the omelette, I also got the Wednesday Web Cakes. They were the classic buttermilk pancakes, with cupcake icing, a Hershey chocolate syrup ‘web,’ and a purple whipped cream on top. I felt like the cupcake icing was too sweet, and thought that a cream cheese based whipped cream spread across would have been much better, but the actual pancakes were really good. They had a nice buttery taste, and were really fluffy. I would recommend just ordering the plain buttermilk pancakes instead if the Wednesday Web Cakes unless you really like sweets. 

Uncle Fester’s Chocolate Ice ‘Scream’ Shake wasn’t too sweet though. It wasn’t the best shake I’ve ever had, but there wasn’t anything wrong with it either. Uncle Fester Chocolate Ice ‘Scream’ Shake was essentially the regular chocolate ice cream shake, but with special purple whipped cream. The whipped cream wasn’t overly sweet, and the chocolate ice cream in the shake was nice and mellow; it didn’t feel like it was blaring at me. I would definitely go to IHOP just to get Uncle Fester’s Chocolate Ice ‘Scream’ Shake, since you can’t buy it at Ingles.

You can’t buy Morticia’s Haunted Hot Chocolate at a grocery store either. It was clearly different from any hot chocolate that you buy in a pack and make in two minutes with water. It was very rich and had a nice bittersweet taste. The whipped cream didn’t take away from the taste either; I didn’t feel overwhelmed by the purple on top. The hot chocolate made me feel right at home. I would order this again for sure. 

Overall, the new menu items were really good, and I would definitely get most of them again. Everything was surprisingly very welcoming. I’ll definitely have to go again with some of my friends just to get Uncle Fester’s Chocolate Ice ‘Scream’ Shake again.

I’d give the new menu a 7.5 out of 10.

By: Kareem Al-Abed, Feature Writer

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