Arriving at West Henderson High School for the first time this school year seemed like it would be the same as any other year. Seniors pulled into their new parking spots and walked up the senior steps for the first time, and got ready to throw open the doors and enter the halls. However, they encountered one small problem: they could not throw open the doors.

“We’re definitely going through some growing pains, and it’s going to take some time for the students to learn which entrances they can come in and out of,” Administrative Assistant Pam Smith said.

Over the summer, West Henderson had new security doors installed on campus. These doors keep both the main building and X building locked from the outside. Only faculty and staff can open these doors using a keycard they swipe to unlock the doors. 

There is one security door that is unlike the rest: the front office door. To be let in, students must press a button and Smith must press another button on her desk to unlock the door. Once a person is in the office, Smith will press another button to let them go through another door that leads into V hall.

Video by Stone Hogan

“Figuring out the door was really weird at first because I wasn’t used to it and I’m not really good with doors, but I eventually got used to it,” freshman Katie St. Jean said. “I do like how it makes the school and me feel safer.”

The reasoning behind these new additions to West Henderson is to make the campus a safer place for students and staff among the rise of school shootings. Other schools throughout Henderson County had these doors installed for the same reason.

Eventually, West Henderson staff will connect the X building to the main campus.

“This will improve safety as far as keeping out people who are not supposed to be on our campus,” Smith said. “These doors are going to help keep us safe.”

Although the doors will benefit students in dangerous situations, many students say they feel the doors are hindering their daily activities.

“They’re a little inconvenient, but I definitely understand the need for them in the modern day,” senior Caleb Youmans said. “I do need to figure out where I’m going in the mornings because I can’t be in a teacher’s classroom to help them with anything or study (like I could last year).”

By: Stone Hogan, Sports Editor

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