The most recent addition to the list of Netflix Original films is “The Perfect Date.” Starring highly acclaimed and popular actors and actresses like Noah Centineo of “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” and Camila Mendes of “Riverdale,” the new film has drawn a quick following. With promotional videos sweeping across multiple social media platforms, there was and still is a lot of buzz for the release of the romantic comedy on April 12.

Noah Centineo stars as the main character, Brooks Rattigan, who has a goal of getting into Yale and finding out who he really is. After struggling to write an admissions letter and find the money for his dream school, he creates a dating app called “The Stand In.” The app allows each date to choose his personality and how he will act, for a payment afterward. Along the way, Brooks falls for the out-of-the-box rich girl Celia Lieberman, but doesn’t realize it until he truly finds himself and who he wants to be.

The film takes you on the journey of Brooks and his high school struggles, making the film highly relatable for high school students trying their best to make it to college. Heartthrob Noah Centineo teamed with Laura Marano make a charming and good-hearted film. “The Perfect Date” is a funny and happy film that is just a good wholesome story. I would recommend this movie for a good watch. However, the movie is in fact on the cheesy, predictable side, so if this type of film is not for you I wouldn’t turn to this movie. It is very much just a romantic comedy that you know what the outcome will be early into the movie.

Rate: 3/5

By: Kinsley Morgan, A&E Editor

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