Apple has made the ultimate wireless earbuds: AirPods. Every headphone company makes wireless headphones of some sort, so many people have been questioning what makes them so special.

“I’ve seen a lot of websites comparing Airpods to non-wireless headphones and saying that AirPods make you superior,” sophomore Tia Howard said. “That’s heightening the credibility and popularity of Airpods.”

Throughout December 2018, countless AirPod memes have become popular throughout social media websites. Many of these portray people without AirPods as poor. Although the AirPods were introduced in December 2016, they did not gain popularity until the middle of 2018. AirPod sales more than doubled in 2018.

“I decided to go buy AirPods the day after Christmas,” senior Nikolas Keefer said. “After going to eight different stores, I eventually had to order them from Verizon because everywhere else was out of stock.”

These small earbuds fit into their own charging case, no bigger than the palm of a hand. Their long-lasting charge and discreet design are what make them so highly desired by thousands of people across America.

Although the new earbuds seem harmless, they have the potential to start causing issues in school. With earbuds so easily hidden, student participation in class may start dropping.

“I don’t think kids are paying as much attention as they have been in the past,” Keefer said.

The popularity of AirPods is highly influenced by how prominent they have become on social media. Regardless of the price, stores are selling out everywhere even weeks after Christmas. Another influence is the Apple name itself. With such a trusted company creating a product they have never made before, sale rates are expected to be high.

“Most Bluetooth earbuds before AirPods were not made by Apple, and now that they are people value them more,” Howard said.

While the first-edition Airpods are still going out of stock, Apple is working on a new pair. AirPod 2 features will include wireless charging, water resistant case, and a higher price.

“I think once more people get them, more people will want them. It’s created a chain reaction,” Howard said.

By: Mia McCall, Feature Writer

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