Friday Dec. 21, 2018, a government shutdown was put into place. Due to political parties being unable to reach an agreement on funding for the border wall, President Donald Trump called for a government shutdown. When a government shutdown is put into place, workers of government funded jobs work without pay or are furloughed, causing some government-funded places to close.

The government shutdown has had many effects on people and places all over the world. Local places that have been affected are the Blue Ridge Parkway, Carl Sandburg Home, Great Smoky Mountains National Park and more. The parks have been closed since Dec. 21, 2018. Many students at West Henderson have been directly affected by the shutdown. Sophomore Chiara Still said she visits the Blue Ridge Parkway every weekend to bike along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

“Since the government shutdown, my routine has been forced to change,” Still said. “I would go to the Parkway all the time to bike. I’m so familiar with the trails. Biking on the Parkway was a time for my dad and I to bond, we both love to see the views while we bike there.”

Students who visit the Blue Ridge Parkway on a weekly basis to either hike, sightsee or bike said they were uncomfortable with the way the shutdown has affected their routine. Sophomore Raine Wongchong said she goes to the Blue Ridge Parkway every Sunday morning to watch the sunrise with her dad and hike on the Parkway.

“Last Sunday we were planning on going to the Parkway, like we always do, but my sister told us that only one spot was open and it wasn’t worth going to,” Wongchong said.

The government shutdown has caused many people to worry due to closed restrooms and growing piles of trash.

“Seeing trash being piled up on so many beautiful parks is heartbreaking,” Still said. “It’s all crazy because nobody would expect a government shutdown to cause so much chaos.”

By: Rebecca Chamberlain, Feature Writer

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