Due to the week off of school caused by Winter Storm Diego, the school year was extended by a week and exams were moved to the week of Monday, Jan. 21.

Many teachers said they were happy that the exams were moved.

“It’s allowing me to do more work with my seniors that they desperately need because the senior project takes up so much of the time that we neglect literature,” English teacher Matthew Parent said. “It doesn’t really affect my AP class.”

Though the extra week being added to the end of the year is considered an inconvenience by many, Parent said he is trying to look for the positives.

“I’m certainly not thrilled about it, but I’m also happy that our superintendent and school board members are wise enough to know that we might get more snow so they left the workdays open just in case,” Parent said. “I’m also glad they were smart enough not to touch spring break.”

By: Elise Trexler, Web Editor-in-Chief

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