The College Board has selected West Henderson to participate in a research study about the implications of taking the SAT digitally, which will take place sometime this school year free of charge.

To sign up for a spot in the study, students must talk to guidance counselor Lea Putnam and express their interest.

On the day of the study, participants will take the SAT as they normally would, but it will be on a computer. The College Board is allowing juniors and seniors to try it, but Putnam said she is focusing on getting juniors to take it at West since many seniors will have already taken the SAT, and will not need practice.

The scores will be available two to four weeks after the test, but cannot be used for college applications since it is a research study.

Junior Maggie Cox is planning on taking the online SAT, and said she is excited to see if it will end up going online permanently.

ā€œIā€™m taking it because I think it will be good for practice,ā€ Cox said.

By: Elise Trexler, Web Editor-in-Chief

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