Monday night, the Minnesota-based indie rock band Hippo Campus took the stage at the Orange Peel music venue. The band is currently on their “Bambi” tour for the recent release of their Sep. 2018 album of the same title. The show was opened by Pennsylvania-based indie rock band The Districts.

“Hippo Campus is very technical,” senior Scott Randall said. “I love all the detail that they put into their work. The opening band sounded great, too. I’ve never heard them before, but they really killed it out there.”

Doors opened at 7:00 p.m. and a large crowd quickly filled the floor, excitedly awaiting the group. The crowd was full of many West Henderson High students, past and present.

“Everyone in the crowd loved them,” Randall said. “It was kind of hard to hear because of how many people were screaming.”

Hippo Campus has a large following here at West. The band itself consists of lead singer/guitarist Jake Luppen, guitarist/additional vocalist Nathan Stocker, bassist Zach Sutton, and drummer/additional vocalist Whistler Allen. The band also plays with freelance musician DeCarlo Jackson, who played trumpet. Hippo Campus’ popular songs include “Way it Goes,” “Buttercup,” “Simple Season” and “Bambi.”

I was introduced to them by Blake Kinsey, a senior from last year. His band played a song by Hippo Campus during a gig and afterwards he showed them to me,” Randall said.

Hippo Campus formed in 2013 and have played at festivals such as Lollapalooza, Summerfest, South by Southwest, and more. They have also played support shows for bands like Modest Mouse, The Mowgil’s, My Morning Jacket, and Walk the Moon.

“They’re amazing live,” Randall said. “They sounded just as good in their recorded work, if not better. I love how many instruments they add in, especially the trumpet. I also like how they have multiple guitarists. Everyone plays really well together.”

The “Bambi” tour will continue until March 2019. Hippo Campus will continue to play shows around America and move on to other countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, and Berlin.

“I’d love to see them again,” Randall said. “I’d especially like to get a backstage pass so I could meet them.”

By: Cat Whiting, Opinion Editor

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