Senior Savannah Austin watched as the volleyball bounced between the opposing players, preparing herself for a serious kill. Glancing up at the scoreboard she knew the team needed this. As the ball headed her way over the net, Austin jumped up and slammed it down onto the opposing side, earning a point for her team.
“We’ve only lost one game, to Hendersonville, so far this season,” said Austin. “It was definitely disappointing but it was a reality check for us that showed us what we needed to work on.”
The varsity volleyball team is currently 8-1. According to Austin, the girls have been playing pretty well but the conference as a whole is evenly matched. The team plays Brevard at home Sept. 10.
“Brevard at home is going to be a big game,” said Austin. “We’ve played club volleyball with a lot of those girls, so we know they’re good. They’re also undefeated. ”
The team this year is made up of mainly juniors and seniors, along with two freshmen and two sophomores. Although there is a variety of ages the girls are all close, and work well as a team.
“We’re all really, really close,” said Austin. “Even on the weekends we all go to one of the girls’ houses and hang out.”

By Anna Yarbrough

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