As of Sept. 30, West Henderson has started selling $1 slushies during lunch. Flavors for sale include blue raspberry and strawberry-kiwi, however, new flavors could be coming soon, such as sour apple, cherry cola, or grape. 

“I’m excited about it, I think it will be very successful,” Cafeteria Manager Denise Roush said. “Monday [Sept. 30] was amazing, I think we sold 175.” 

Robert Rolfe, Henderson County Public Schools’ Director of Child Nutrition Services, decided to push the option of these slushies to all Henderson County schools. However, cafeteria managers of each school had the choice whether to sell the slushies or not.

Senior Maggie Cox said she was eager to try a slushie after the “coming soon” poster was posted in the cafeteria. 

“I don’t normally get my lunch from the cafeteria, but I’ve really been wanting to get a slushy at the (football) games and I’m always too late to get to concessions because I’m on cheer,” Cox said. “It was delicious, but it was really sweet so I couldn’t finish it.”

According to Roush, the slushies are made of 100% fruit juice, but senior Emily Barnett said she thinks they taste artificial.

“Well, I mean the blue raspberries pretty good. I only had one, but you know, they’re cold and they have artificial flavoring,” Barnett said. “But, aren’t slushies supposed to be fake tasting? It tastes like a blue raspberry slushie to me. I’m not very picky.”

By: Amanda Jane Whiting, Feature Writer

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