The annual flu clinic at West Henderson will be held on Oct. 17 during third period and lunches in the new gym.

“We pick a secure location in the school and have other nurses come from the health department to get everybody vaccinated quickly as we possibly can,” School Nurse Amy Chandler said. “This opportunity can decrease the amount of illness being spread and give kids access to doctors and transportation. We bring it to the school to make it more convenient and accessible for all of our students.”

By attending the clinic, students not only have the opportunity to protect themselves against strains of the flu virus, but according to math teacher Rebecca Hanson, can also protect more vulnerable members of the community in the process.

“It is extremely important for students to get their flu shot, because it protects those who are more vulnerable in our community and school,” Hanson said. “If you get the flu shot, you are also stopping the virus from spreading to people who may be going through compromising illnesses or chemotherapy. It truly does protect the entire community, which is why we refer to this as herd immunity.”

By: Ashley Rich, Feature Writer

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