West Henderson’s women’s tennis team lost to AC Reynolds on Tuesday, Oct. 1, in a conference match.

The Lady Falcons lost the match 4-5, after winning three out of six singles matches, and one out of three doubles matches. It was the third loss for West this year, which made their record 16-3.

Coach Allen Combs said he still has high hopes for the season, even after the close loss to Reynolds. 

“It’s been a great season for us,” Combs said. “We had a really close win against Enka, which we need to do again the next time we play them. If we can get past Asheville, we’ve got a chance at being second in the conference, and making it to state playoffs.”

Junior Kiki Still (rank 1), sophomore Audrey Hood (rank 3) and junior Hollis Green (rank 6) all won their singles matches with scores of 10-8, 10-5, and 10-3. Junior Laurel Welch and freshman Tori Knight won their doubles match with a score of 8-5. 

“The most important thing when you’re playing is just to stay focused,” Still said. “If you don’t stay focused you end up just zoning out, and not being able to pay attention. I just always try to keep my feet moving. It keeps my mind centered on the game.”

West played at Asheville on Wednesday, Oct. 3, and won 6-3. This brings their record to 17-3.

“We get ready for each match the same way,” Combs said. “We try to focus on the match, focus on today’s match, and play each game to the best of our ability.”

By: Madison Hall, Feature Writer

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