Inclusivity of women and women’s rights is something that is strangely a topic of controversy, scorn and ridicule. Even though women make up the majority of the American population, as well as the majority of voters, the conversations of women’s issues are brushed aside. It’s radically feminist; it’s overly leftist; women’s rights are no longer a problem. That’s what the opposition says, and they continue to silence women and pretend real problems aren’t important. However, a new political group called Supermajority hopes to bring change to the women of America.

Supermajority was launched by activists Al-jen Poo, Alicia Garza, and Cecile Richards, who partnered with the women behind the Facebook group Pantsuit Nation. They are also supported by leaders from Planned Parenthood, Service Employees International union, and Families Belong Together. Supermajority aims to mobilize women across race, class and generation.

Unlike other activist groups, Supermajority puts inclusivity first instead of as an afterthought. In a video made by the group, people can clearly see diversity as a fundamental cornerstone to the organization. Supermajority stands with all women, even the women who are often left out of the equation (women of color, physically/mentally disabled women, overweight women, sex workers, LGBTQ women, homeless women and more). This isn’t a group of pretty, skinny women with pixie cuts and pink dresses. This movement is for all women.

Supermajority’s goal is to mobilize more than 2 million women ahead of the 2020 election. They also aim to fulfill the agenda of the real needs of 21st century women— the “women’s new deal,” the group says. This covers everything from closing the persistent (and yes, the very real) pay gap, staggering childcare costs, rising rates of maternal mortality, no family and a government that “continues to fail women,” as the group announced in its introductory statement to the press. Women make up 54 percent of voters, but only 23.7 percent of Congress (despite 2018’s election of more women in Congress than ever seen before). Supermajority aims to also support the increase of women running for elected offices.

In a society becoming more and more divided, a group like this forming to unite all women is huge. Women’s rights groups, as well as other social rights organizations, are often put against each other so they clash and divide women further. Supermajority wants women to unite. If a community is divided, they can’t band together and rise up to make a change.

The Supermajority is quickly gaining more and more attention, endorsement, and support. This is amazing for the women of America. The time for change for women is long overdue, and this group has the chance to make it happen. The Supermajority is on its way, and if support continues to grow, we might be seeing some changes pretty quickly. History is in the making. Let’s band together and help America’s women, the Supermajority, turn America into a better place.

By: Cat Whiting, Opinion Editor

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