Tucked in the parking lot of an empty building space is a bright teal, retro-style food truck. The newly added truck houses the Asheville-originated, Sunshine Sammies. Sunshine Sammies is a gourmet ice cream, ice cream sandwich and pastry hub. The new location in Fletcher is the first of the food truck-style serving. The Fletcher truck is open from 1-9 p.m. Monday through Thursday and weekends.

When ordering, your options vary. You can get multiple sizes of their house-made ice cream with a list of added toppings. If you choose the ice cream sandwich route, you can build your own with the cookie and ice cream flavors they have, or you can choose from a list of their most popular combinations.

Each time I went to the Sunshine Sammies truck, I ordered something new. My first time there I ordered “the Doodle,” which was snickerdoodle cookies with snickerdoodle ice cream. The second time I went I got the “Dough,” which was chocolate chip cookies with cookie dough ice cream in the middle. The sandwiches themselves are a hefty size, and you get what you are paying for. The ice cream is very fresh tasting and full of flavor. The cookies that house the ice cream are one of the best parts. They are warm and fluffy cookies you can tell were made fresh.

The atmosphere around the truck is also an added bonus. With strung lights and picnic tables teamed with a friendly staff, this new place is one to make time for. The truck will stay in location in Fletcher all summer and is sure to become a massive success.

By: Kinsley Morgan, A&E Editor

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