Over the last two weeks, the “Florida Man” challenge has taken Twitter and other social media platforms by storm. It calls for people to Google “Florida man,” followed by their birthdate, and then find a headline that matches their birthday.

The challenge has spread like a cat meme, so much so that typing “Florida man” into Google yields results more similar to a calendar then an internet meme.

“The Florida Man challenge is really weird,” sophomore Kevin Burton said. “It’s funny that there is a headline for literally every birthday, and somehow each one is crazier than the next.”

With headlines such as “Jan. 2: Florida Man Doesn’t Get Straw, Attacks McDonald’s Employee” and “Feb. 18: Rattlesnake-carrying Florida Man Claims to be Agent of God,’” there’s no shortage of headlines for any birthday.

The Florida Man challenge has mostly been made possible by Florida’s approach to government records. The state considers every document public record, which allows for all crimes to be made available to everyone.

By: Aidan Shelton, Feature Writer

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