West Henderson hosted the invitational home track meet of the season on Tuesday, March 26.

The men’s track team placed third in the 4×8, and the women’s team placed second, putting both teams in first place overall at the beginning of the meet.

When the word that the women’s 4×2 was disqualified was confirmed, it stirred up a lot of confusion from the four runners and their friends on the team.

“They said that we were not in our zones when we were passing off (the baton) from third to fourth leg.” senior Shylee Stocks said. “So (sophomore) Raine (Wong Chong) and I were outside of the yellow triangles apparently but I don’t think we were.”

Though she said the 4×2 was a rather sobering race for her, Stocks didn’t stop and finished in the top three multiple times. She made first in the 100m, and second in the 200m races, along with racing in the 4×1 which ranked first.

The women ranked in the top three for several other events as well. In high jump, senior Abby Jackson took first and freshman Carlen Davis took third. Sophomore Julia Parent took second place in the 100m, right behind Stocks, and junior Madeline Duchesne finished in second place for the two mile race.

While the men didn’t have many runners in the top three for their respective events, their were some very strong showings from sophomore John Burnette and junior Dane London as they raced neck to neck with each other in the final stretch of the two mile with Burnette passing London and another racer meters from the finish.

“I had no feeling. I was 110 percent in the zone and I left it all on the track,” Burnette said.

With the men overall in fourth and the women one point away from first, the track meet came to an end.

“I think they did pretty well,” track coach Randy Lytle said. “I’m pleased with the performance tonight, especially with the powerhouses.”

The next track meet will be Friday, March 29 at North Henderson.

By: Kareem Al-Abed, Staff Writer

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