The newest additions to Netflix have followed the trend of holiday love stories with some aspect of royalty tied into the film. The latest addition to Netflix, “ A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding” is not straying from the trend.

The film is a sequel to “A Christmas Prince.” It is a story of journalist Amber Moore writing for a popular blog about her life, focusing on her engagement to King Richard of Aldovia. It’s been a year since Richard has proposed, and the date of the wedding is set for Christmas Day in Aldovia.

As Amber tries to adjust to her new life, she is caught off guard by the censorship of her blogs. To add to the stress, her husband-to-be is met with extreme conflict because his modernization initiative is failing with the people of Aldovia. The pair try to adjust to life together all while fighting the unrest in Aldovia and preparing for the upcoming holiday and wedding.

Review: The first installment of the series ultimately failed on its release in 2017. It gained no large following and didn’t grasp most viewers. After a tweet sparked the talk on the film again, the sequel was released to Netflix in time for December.

Although very spirited for the holidays, “A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding” is overall too cheesy and lackluster. The film never really grabs your attention and can become hard to get through. There are also holes in the plot of the story that make it more confusing than it should be. If you’re looking for a holiday film when you’re bored, then this could be the right love story for you. However, I would not label this a must-watch, and you can easily find better films for the holiday.

Rate: 2/5

By: Kinsley Morgan, A&E Editor

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