The West Henderson women’s golf season just finished up at Monroe Country Club near Charlotte, North Carolina. A young team full of beginners finished second in the conference behind Asheville. The team has no graduating seniors, but coaches and players say it is full of talent and has a bright future.

Junior Bailey Swayngim has played the number one seed all year, and has really fallen into a leadership role on the team. She attributes her success to Head Coach Burt Harris and Assistant Coach Steve Morrison.

“They’ve really pushed me,” Swayngim said. “They see what I’ve done wrong in the matches and helped me better my game.”

Swayngim, along with junior Ashley Drake qualified for the regional tournament individually, in hopes of going to state. Though they fell short, she admits there was a lot to learn.

“It was a learning experience for sure. It will help for next season,” Swayngim said.

Every player has their strengths and weaknesses, and Swayngim said she has realized hers.

“I really need to work on my tee shots for next season,” Swayngim said. “My strength is my iron shots. I’ve been teeing off with my 6-iron so being able to control a driver will really help.”

Swayngim has embraced her leadership role, and really enjoys the pressure. She played her freshman year, and gained experience there.

“A lot of the matches came down to how well I played, and that’s a lot of pressure. You can’t help but feel like you’ve let the team down after you play poorly,” Swayngim said. “I enjoy the pressure though. It really helps you focus on what you’re doing.”

Though her run at state ended short, she feels confident in her team for next year. Swayngim said, “If we can all work hard in the offseason for next year, we could have a good shoot at making it as a team. I’m looking forward to my senior season.”

By: Wyatt Hughes, Sports Editor

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