Henderson County Public Schools (HCPS) has introduced a new app allowing students, parents and teachers access to information found on the county’s website, as well as school specific websites. The new app is called HCPS, and it contains new ways for students to get information on things ranging from school closings to meal menus and athletic events.

The app follows on the heels of the school system releasing other apps, which include “Report it Don’t Ignore it” and “Here Comes the Bus.” Public information officer for HCPS, Molly McGowan-Gorsuch, said the focus of the app is increasing connectivity.

“The goal is to improve two way communication between parents, students, and other stakeholders in the community with the district.”

McGowan-Gorsuch also said that the idea for this app comes with the changing times.

“Something that I know our leaders, our leadership team has been thinking about for a while, is to make sure that we are one of many school districts that are in the twenty-first century by enhancing all of the different tools that our stakeholders are actually using.”

While many might overlook it and go to the district or school website, McGowan-Gorsuch said it is very similar to the website, and that the app format helps ease of access.

“It’s a duplicate, it’s the same resources, just at your fingertips. As far as specific school related resources, we have the same information there, as what’s on the website. But there are some configurations, though, that allow you, through the app, to easily access grades, attendance and funds to student meal balances.

You have the option to sign in under parent, student or staff titles, and each choice gives relevant, up-to-date information.

“As well as marking what notifications you want to receive, say a parent has students at two different, you can designate those schools to be the ones that you receive alerts from, as well as any emergency ones that come automatically, that way, again tailoring the user experience, to only be getting direct information.”

By: Johnathan Austin, Feature Writer

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