The Henderson County School System has implemented a new three hour delay in addition to the existing two hour delay to handle inclement weather in the upcoming winter.


The additional delay has been created to give the administration more options between a regular two hour delay and cancelling school altogether.


“The three-hour-delay is similar to the two-hour-delay in that it gives the school system some flexibility and allows us to hold a day of school following winter weather – just a bit later in the day, when roads are safer,”  said Molly McGowan Gorsuch, public information officer for the Henderson County Public Schools.


“Like all public school systems in North Carolina, Henderson County Public Schools must adhere to the rigid School Calendar Law, which requires a specific number of school days or hours of instruction,” Gorsuch said. “In an effort to ensure the safety of students and employees, the three-hour-delay allows HCPS to hold a day of school, but with an extra hour of daylight and sun shining on potentially icy roads before school buses and personal vehicles begin transporting students.”


Teachers will still report to school at the regular time. Principals are encouraged to make arrangements for the supervision of students who arrive at school early.

By: Zach Godwin

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