At 8:45 Thursday morning, first period classes were evacuated from the building to the football stadium after authorities were notified of a social media bomb threat. The Henderson County Sheriff’s Department searched the campus and detonated a backpack.

School officials moved students to the visitors’ side of the stadium before the detonation occurred. According to the Sheriff’s Office a person of interest is in custody and further interviews are being conducted. An x-ray of the backpack came back inconclusive. Standard protocol was to intentionally disrupt the backpack using high pressure water.

School officials praised the response by students.

“I am so proud of our students and their responsive behavior,” Principal Shannon Auten said. “Everyone came together, and the evacuation ran smoothly.”

The cafeteria staff served pizza from the concession stands. At 1:35 students returned to the building and parents were notified that they could pick up their students.

“Thanks to the school officials everyone was kept safe and orderly,” junior Hunter Koch said. “The law enforcement obviously did a thorough job sweeping the school, and we all thank them for that.”

By: Josh Conner

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