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“Netflix and Chill”

hqdefaultWe love Netflix. It’s entertaining and a great way to procrastinate. With a wide selection of movies and TV series, there is always something to watch. The “chill” portion of this new saying, however, is what we’re not fans of. We all know what is really means. Let’s keep it classy, Falcons.

Snapchat Update

Snapchat-largeThe creators of Snapchat have released its most recent software update. While the bug fixes are appreciated, we don’t understand many of the changes. The font Helvetica is no longer in use, and was replaced with the less pleasing font Avenir. This seems like an odd update, and many users have complained that the font looks “Android-like.” That being said, there are numerous filter options now that we love. Our favorite is the face swap.

After School App

This app has recently gained a lot of popularity. On it, you can post anonymously about people you know. Most posts just reveal crushes or silly compliments, but the app is mostly boring and leaves a lot of room open for cyberbullying. Let’s be mature and stop hiding our feelings behind our cell phone screens.

Bye, Bye Jones

20150612__0551With the news of our beloved Principal Dean Jones retiring, many hearts were broken. We are all very sad to see him go. However, Shannon Auten is a wonderful new principal, and we are delighted to have her. Hope retired life treats you well, Jones. Do what’s right all the time.


Bean Boots

134545181_b6d3a80069_oThese warm boots are currently very popular among both women and men during the chilly, snowy months of winter. These boots are durable and, though expensive, are completely worth the price. We think they’re a practical and stylish addition to your winter wardrobe, so march on.

Artsy Instagram Photos

0412151901You’ve seen it a million times — a picture of something completely random on your Instagram feed. Whether it is a small plant, an interesting shop, or a delicious meal, photography is an amazing talent. Filters or not, they usually look cool. We hipsters here on the Wingspan staff still love these artsy pictures and are completely guilty of posting them.

Colorful Locks

wA big trend since school began last August has been dying parts of your hair or all of your hair bright, vibrant colors. Anyone who spends time in downtown Asheville knows colorful hair is very popular. These styles can look really trendy and cool, as long you keep up with the re-dying.  Your hair is your own, so make it a masterpiece.

Ivory Ella

Ivory Ella’s are those long sleeve shirts with the elephant logo on the front pocket on girls all over the school. While the company advertises clothes for men, we have never seen a man wearing an Ivory Ella shirt. The company is constantly releasing new styles and colors. The money paid for these shirts goes toward saving the elephants, and we think that’s amazing. We especially like that Ivory Ella isn’t the only company that has started donating to good causes.

By Emily Turpin


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